1. When you’re offered an all-expense-paid press trip and can’t go

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2. When you have to listen to someone brag about their bucket list accomplishments

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3. When you’re inspired on the road but can’t find a pen or something to write on

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4. When the yurt doesn’t have wifi

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5. When you read a piece of armchair travel writing

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6. When a publication does you wrong (e.g., no accreditation, misquotes you, forgets to pay you…)

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7. When someone has never heard of your blog / brand / published work

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8. When you’ve never heard of someone else’s blog / brand / published work

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9. When a press trip is super picky about what it wants you to write about, and where you’re allowed to go

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10. When you see other travel writers steal weird things at press conferences

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11. When you get writer’s block

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12. When a DMO sends a blanket email inviting only ONE PERSON from your company to attend a press trip

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13. How you feel after spending all night working on a deadline

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14. After you sign a contract, and figure out you’re being underpaid

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15. When you show up to a press conference, and you’re under/overdressed

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16. When an editor totally changes the article you worked on for a week

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17. Watching other travel writers kiss ass to get a press trip

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18. When you have to pay estimated quarterly taxes because you’re a self-employed freelancer

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19. Trying to figure out how much you’ll make if you’re writing a 1,422-word article that pays $0.08 cents a word with an 8.75% commissionable rate

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20. Looking for jobs on Elance

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21. When you’re on the road so long, home becomes unrecognizable

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22. When you can’t find your glasses, your car keys, your social security card, your wedding ring, etc. but you know exactly where your passport is

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23. When your job is to travel the world, and you have a severe fear of flying

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24. When you’ve traveled so much, you can’t even date anymore

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25. When your blogger-in-residence facility has a dial-up modem

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26. When you’re on assignment and you suddenly get food poisoning

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27. When you hear someone complaining on an all-expenses-paid press trip

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28. When people don’t take your job as a travel writer seriously

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29. When you’re working from home and realize that, eventually, you will have to put on pants

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