Heather Carreiro Wins IFWTWA Award

by Julie Schwietert Oct 13, 2010

Heather Carreiro, in Pakistan. Photo by Duarte Carreiro

Heather Carreiro is the second MatadorU grad to win IFWTWA Award.

Heather Carreiro graduated from MatadorU in February 2010 and subsequently joined the Matador team as a regular writer and editorial intern. We didn’t even have the chance to announce that she’s also been promoted to the editor of Matador Abroad (former editor, Sarah Menkedick, has transitioned into the full-time editor-in-chief position with Matador’s Glimpse Correspondents Program and the Glimpse site) before we received some more good news: Heather just won the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association’s scholarship, awarded annually to an emerging writer in these genres.

Heather entered an essay first published on Matador, “Cooking in Lahore: An American Woman in a Pakistani Kitchen.” Allen Cox, the Excellence Awards Committee Chair of the IFWTWA wrote, “Heather brings her contact with another culture vibrantly alive and tells the story of her friendship of a Pakistani woman with humor and heart.”

As the winner of this year’s scholarship, Heather receives:

– A one-year IFWTWA membership
– Her article published in Global Writes
– And complimentaryattendance at IFWTWA’s Annual Conference at Sea

Her experiences living in Pakistan have influenced her writing in other ways, too. Heather is currently pursuing an MA in English, and is working on her thesis, “When Potential ‘Terrorists’ Become the Terrorized: Engaging Post 9/11 America through South Asian Literature and Film.”

Community Connection:

Read more of Heather’s writing here on Matador.

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