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Matadorians Meet Up in Boston

by Heather Carreiro Jan 8, 2011
Last month, my husband Duarte and I took the train in to Boston to meet up with some other Matadorians from the area. It was a sweet time of talking about travel, photography and the writing life.

We met at Tory Row, a small pub in Harvard Square that was scouted out by Matador Sports editor Adam Roy. The house-made hummus and apricot curry cheese spread are definitely recommended.

After spending a year interacting with other Matador authors and editors only online, I really enjoyed meeting these folks in person. Here’s a run-down of who was there and what interesting projects these writers, editors, and new media professionals are up to.

Christina Koukkos

Current Location: Shuttling between New York and Massachusetts
Day Job or Anything Resembling It: Re-acclimating to the US after 17 months away
Media: Freelance travel and culture writer
Traveling Next: Cape Canaveral to see the next shuttle launch
Passions/Projects: Networking and professional services for aspiring writers
In 5 Years I’d Like to Be: The most sought-after writer in the history of the world. Or else just writing and traveling.
Interesting Fact: A body in motion tends to stay in motion. No seriously – look it up!

Just a few days after the meetup, Christina’s excellent Dive Guide to Malaysian Borneo was published on Matador Trips.

Eric Warren

Current Location: Maine
Day Job: Service manager, bicycle shop, developing TV series
Media: Intern Matador TV, freelance filmmaker, travel writer, photographer
Traveling Next: Ireland
Passions/Projects: Filming North America’s epic mountain biking trails
In 5 Years I’d Like to Be: Riding more, filming more and submitting films to film fests
Interesting Fact: I’ve had 35 jobs doing about everything including tending bar in South America and digging graves.

Eric’s published a bunch of stuff across the Matador Network, including a list of 10 Essential Items for Backcountry Travel, a guide to Touring Montana by Bike, and practical advice on How to Become a Wildland Firefighter.

Anna Barto

Current Location: Charlestown, MA, now better known as “The Bank Robbery Capitol of America” (Thanks a lot Ben Afleck!)
Day Job: I work for a program of the city of Boston which promotes school readiness among low-income families with children 0-5.
Media: Freelance writer (fiction, creative non-fiction) and Editorial Assistant at Fringe Magazine
Traveling Next: Peru, Mexico, Guatemala
Passions and Current Projects: Urban gardening, spicy food, brokering peace between Townies and Toonies, learning to shoot with my Canon Rebel XSI, cheesy Spanish music
In 5 Years I’d Like to: Have a book published, get paid to travel, start a family
Interesting Fact: I have worked illegally in Mexico and traveled legally to Cuba.

Check out Anna’s tips on The Best Places to Study Abroad in Mexico and How to Become and English Teacher in Mexico.

Adam Roy

Current Location: Getting ready to move from Massachusetts to Utah
Day Job: Full-time writer – I can officially say this now that my degree is wrapped up, though I was pretty much working full-time already.
Media: Editor of Matador Sports, Managing Editor of BETA Mag, Climbing Blogger for Outside, freelance journalist
Traveling Next: Israel
Passions/Projects: Diving, climbing, trekking, and anything else that smacks of adventure
In 5 Years I’d Like to Be: Alive, and preferably uninjured.
Interesting Fact: I’ve been writing professionally since I was seventeen.

If you meet Adam in person, you would not be surprised by this interesting fact. Read Adam’s end of year message, Digging Deep in 2011, on Matador Sports to find out more about what he’s been up to and what’s ahead.

Duarte Carreiro

Current Location: Massachusetts
Day Job: Exploring the mysteries of Quantum Mechanics as a full-time Physics student
Media: Does watching Real Madrid games and playing FIFA 11 on the PlayStation count?
Traveling Next: Dr. Deveney’s laser laboratory
Passions/Projects: Photography, natural foods advocacy, understanding the controversial and sometimes offensive nature of Jesus
In 5 Years I’d Like to Be: The most popular high school Physics teacher in Beirut.
Interesting Fact: My wife made me write this.

Heather Carreiro

Current Location: Massachusetts
Day Job-Like Occupation: Graduate student in MA English, writer and soon to be mom
Media: Editor of Matador Abroad, freelance writer
Traveling Next: Seattle and Alaska with IFWTWA
Passions/Projects: Education development in Pakistan, horseback riding, South Asian literature, languages
In 5 Years I’d Like to Be: Living abroad, writing and teaching at an international school
Interesting Fact: While studying abroad in Morocco, I joined a salsa club, learned how to belly dance and taught swing dancing lessons.

Community Connection

The next Matador Meetup is happening in Chicago on January 13th at 6 p.m. Get the details here: Second Call for Chicago Matador Meetup.

See more photos from the Boston Matador Meetup on our Flickr page.

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