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11 Differences Between a Local and an Outsider in Kansas

by Ashleigh Lee Mar 5, 2018

For more than 150 years, Kansans have contributed to society in more ways that one could imagine. As a rural community, people think that our state is dull with no culture. But with major business and corporations calling Kansas “home” and being an affordable place to live, outsiders are considering moving here. Though we love outsiders and welcome them, they do tend to stick out…

Here are 11 differences between a local and an outsider in Kansas.

1. An outsider pronounces names wrong Salina like “Sa-leen-a” and Olathe like “Oh-la-thuh.” A local Kansan says places like Osawatomie, Chanute, Tecumseh, and Tonganoxie without error and can probably locate them on a map, as well.

2. A local goes outside and tries to find the funnel clouds during a tornado. An outsider runs and hides at the first sign of a tornado watch.

3. An outsider might assume nothing has ever come from Kansas, while a Kansan knows that helium was discovered in natural gas at the University of Kansas, the aircraft industry was born here, and most importantly, the ICEE was invented here. You’re welcome.

4. An outsider will head out to the grocery store to get their liquor. A local goes to an actual liquor store for anything above 3.2 percent alcohol.

5. The grocery store of choice for the outsider is the closest chain. The local holds tight to their Dillons Plus Card with them every time they go grocery shopping. Who can resist those fuel points?

6. The outsider worries about snow canceling work/school. The local knows that ice will do more damage than snow.

7. At the bar, the local will ask for the latest Boulevard, Tallgrass, Wichita Brewing Co. beer and ask if it’s on tap. The outsider orders a standard domestic beer.

8. The outsider will be expecting spring to begin in late March. A Kansan won’t put up his/her winter clothes until late April.

9. An outsider might think there’s nothing to do in Kansas. A local knows that the Salt Mines, Kansas Cosmosphere, Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Greensburg Well, and the Flint Hills Discovery Center are all amazing places not to be missed.

10. It’s common for outsiders to take the weather forecast at face value, while a local Kansan prepares for the weather to change every hour.

11. A local will order brisket every time, while an outsider will hum and haw and order the chicken tenders.

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