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Airbnb Is Giving Away a Three-Week European Train Trip to Explore Historical Mansions and Villas

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by Olivia Harden Jul 11, 2022

One of the best parts about European travel is how easy it is to get around to see the many historical monuments and museums. Plus, country-hopping is a breeze due to the region’s investment in train travel (and, in many cases, very picturesque train travel). If you can’t get enough of all the art and history these countries have to offer, Airbnb’s new historical homes category makes it easy to find almost 20,000 historic homes that are perfect for your stay. And to combine train travel and history, Airbnb partnered with Interrail, an all-in-one European train Pass, on its 50th anniversary to create the Airbnb Heritage Tour.

The tour will give you and five guests the chance to get a taste of what Europe is all about. From August 31 to September 18, this 19-day adventure features overnight stays in an English mansion, a French chateau, a Catalan manor, an Italian villa, and a German castle, all while gaining insight into the significance of each stay from each home’s hosts. Guests will be able to use their Interrail pass to get from place to place.

We hope you love the Airbnb Heritage tour! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay.

First, guests will travel to Bath from London’s Paddington Station to meet Sophie and her baronial-style 19th-century mansion with seven bedrooms, an English garden, a fireplace, and hammocks.

airbnb heritage tour france location

Photo: Claudia Zalla

Next, after three peaceful nights in Bath, guests will hop back on the train and head to the Saint-Georges-sur-Cher, France, to greet Pierre at his seven-bedroom chateau, which has been in his wife’s family for half a century.

airbnb heritage tour stop in spain

Photo: Claudia Zalla

For the third stop, guests head to Spain to stay in Sant Pere de Ribes, just outside Barcelona. This Catalan Manor has a whopping 11 bedrooms, with a luxurious pool, tub, and banquet-style tables both in the dining room and outside to enjoy the weather and scenery.

Airbnb heritage tour italy stop

Photo: Claudia Zalla

For the fourth stay, guests will head to Lucca, Italy, to stay in a 400-year-old villa with seven bedrooms, a pool, a private chef, and even a library.

airbnb heritage tour stop in germany

Photo: Claudia Zalla

Finally, the journey ends with a stay in a 19th-century castle in Behren-Lübchin, Germany. Hotelier Kevin, his opera director partner Till and their dog Lucky will greet you and show you around the property adorned with a lounge, library, and hammocks.

To enter to win the European summer trip of a lifetime, applicants should describe why their group would be the perfect choice to share their journey and passions for adventure and cultural heritage. Applicants and their five guests must be aged 18 or over. The application closes on July 20.

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