Airport Nap Pods Will Finally Give Travelers the Rest They Need

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by Eben Diskin Jun 6, 2018

Any traveler who has spent their layover trying to sleep across uncomfortable terminal seats, sweatshirts draped over their eyes to block out the glaring lights, has privately wished for a dedicated place to nap in airports. Well, it looks like that wish is about to come true. European airports are planning to introduce Airpods: self-contained capsules at airport gates, designed to facilitate rest and relaxation.

Airpod inside


The pods are minimalistic, but contain everything a tired traveler could possibly want. Amenities will include a plush chair that converts into a bed for naps, charging stations, a WiFi connection, luggage storage, and even a TV screen with Netflix. The pods will also be designed to reduce outside noise, to allow for a better napping experience. If you’re thinking, “this sounds like a great way to sleep through my flight,” you’ll also be able to set an alarm inside the pod, as well as stay up-to-date on flight times and alerts.

The idea was developed by two Slovenian businessmen, whose aim is to “make the travel experience comfortable and enjoyable each and every hour, whilst transiting,” according to the company’s website. While the pods are still in their beta stages, they will appear in European airports later this year as part of a commercial test. If all goes well, it could be the start of a worldwide trend.

Obviously, there won’t be enough pods for everyone, so you’ll have to reserve one in advance of your flight to be sure of getting that much-needed power nap.

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