CNN Films, HBO Max, and Focus Features have teamed up to release a documentary focused on the life story of chef and Parts Unknown host and writer Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain committed suicide in June of 2018, while shooting an episode of Parts Unknown in France with his friend Eric Ripert.

The Academy Award-winning director of 20 Feet from Stardom Morgan Neville will direct the documentary, and it will be released in theaters before it’s available to watch on CNN and HBO Max.

“Anthony Bourdain did more to help us understand each other than just about anyone in the history of television. He connected with people not in spite of his flaws, but because of them,” Neville commented in a statement regarding the documentary.

Throughout the course of his career, Bourdain amassed a loyal and loving fan base. Though he lived a mostly private life, he expressed a vulnerability on screen that helped people from all backgrounds connect and open up to him. In his show, his lust for travel, his appetite, his curiosity, and his genuine interest in exploring and understanding the unknown and unfamiliar is clear. It’s no wonder that his life has inspired so much curiosity.

Followers of Bourdain’s extensive world travels will likely be keen to understand what drove his obsession with traversing the globe, trying cuisines from every corner of the planet. And for those of us who miss his witty, insightful presence on television, the documentary will be yet another opportunity to celebrate his extraordinary life.

“We are honored to partner with CNN Films and Focus Features on this project that is so close to all of our hearts and give viewers the opportunity to celebrate his legacy,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO Max.

Bourdain’s estate is fully cooperating with the documentary, and will provide photos, letters, and home movies to capture a glimpse into his personal world. The documentary’s release date has yet to be announced.