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A New Section of the Berlin Wall Was Just Found

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by Eben Diskin Aug 15, 2018

While out for a leisurely stroll in Berlin, a group of people noticed something unusual behind the bushes at the edge of the Südpanke-Park: a 65.6-foot section of the Berlin Wall. At first, officials from the Berlin Wall Foundation were confused by the discovery, since this section didn’t have the typical curved top like the rest of the wall did. After analysis, however, they were able to identify it as part of a shorter wall separating the “death strip” — a buffer zone where watchtowers were stationed — from East Berlin. As you can imagine, the newly-discovered section was instantly designated a historic monument, and given the appropriate protections.

The discovery is relatively timely — the Berlin Wall was first completed 57 years ago, on August 13th. Since only a few sections remain of the wall, destroyed in 1989, opportunities to visit this iconic monument are somewhat scarce. This new section will give visitors another venue for glimpsing a piece of Cold War history.

This isn’t the first time a new section of the wall has been discovered, and it probably won’t be the last. Berlin Wall Foundation representative Gesine Beutin told Deutsche Welle that more findings like this one certainly aren’t out of the question. “There can always be new smaller sections,” she said, “hidden somewhere around the city.”

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