Photo: Gigi Wu/Facebook

Popular ‘Bikini Hiker’ Dies of Hypothermia After Taiwan Fall

by Eben Diskin Jan 22, 2019

In a tragic incident this past weekend, a Taiwanese hiker known on social media as the “Bikini Hiker” was found dead in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park. Thirty-six-year-old Gigi Wu gained viral fame from posting photos of herself in bikinis on mountain summits, but she was also a seasoned hiker who always appeared to exercise proper safety precautions. The tragic fall occurred on the eighth day of a 25-day solo hike in Yushan National Park, home to some of Taiwan’s highest mountains. She called a friend to say she’d fallen down a ravine (about 65-100 feet) and was unable to move due to a leg injury. By the time rescuers were able to find her, however, she was dead.

Gigi Wu Bikini Hiker

Photo: Gigi Wu/Facebook

Gigi Wu sitting on a rock edge in a dress

Photo: Gigi Wu/Facebook

A rescue helicopter tried to reach her three times but was prevented by inclement weather. Her body was eventually found two days later by rescuers on foot, who believe she died of hypothermia. Temperatures in the area had dropped to below freezing overnight.

Gigi Wu in a bikini top in the mountains

Photo: Gigi Wu/Facebook

Since her death, thousands of followers have been commenting on her memorialized Facebook page to express their condolences. It’s also worth noting that she did wear appropriate hiking clothes while scaling mountains and only changed into her patented bikini attire once she had reached the top.

H/T: BBC News

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