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How to Compliment Someone From Philly

by Alicia Raeburn May 14, 2019

We may act tough here in Philadelphia, but we like a bit of flattery just like the next town. We know what makes us great but that doesn’t mean we tire of hearing it from out-of-towners. If you intend to make friends here in Philly, all you have to know is how to compliment the locals, so take note.

1. Ask if what we’re wearing is vintage.

If done properly, this will instantly bring on a smile and some mutterings about the thrift store it was purchased at.

2. Say things like “You are SUCH an Eagles fan.”

Or maybe, “You look like you’d be an Eagles fan.” We’re proud of our team and not ashamed of the stereotype that comes with it. Hearing that we’re living up to it warms our cold Philly hearts.

3. Tell us how we’re a better city than New York.

We like to act like we don’t care how often we get compared to our ultra-hip neighbor, but a little flattery is always appreciated in that department. Tell us we’re more chill, and that our city is much easier to get around in. We’ll act like we don’t care but inside we will be filling up with pride.

4. Ask us our favorite place to get anything other than cheesesteaks.

Philly folks love their food and take it to heart when you notice that we’re not just pumping out hoagies. It shows that you’re actually interested in what we have to offer other than that one thing you saw on the Travel Channel that one time.

5. Bring us a decent beer.

Philadelphia is producing some of the finest beers a person can drink. We’ll happily accept your offer to buy us a drink, but God help you if you come back with a Miller Lite. We’re not above dumping it down the sink when you’re not looking. Honestly, we might do it while you’re watching.

6. Explore neighborhoods other than Rittenhouse, Old City, and Center City.

We get it. Even as locals we know that these are pretty neighborhoods to be in, but there is just so much more to Philly than this little area. Show us that you’re actually engaging in our city by telling us about that awesome spot you found in Brewerytown or why you have Kensington on your itinerary.

7. Acknowledge how good our hair looks.

Men, women, children — there are no boundaries to compliment Philly folks on their hair. Chances are, we spent some time on it. And we’re so glad you noticed, thank you very much.

8. Get excited about our history.

It can be any aspect of it. Gush over the Liberty Bell, get hyped about the Italian market, or ask us questions about any of the beautiful, historic structures in Philadelphia. We’re proud to be home to so much of it.

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