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A Remote Worker Compares the Cost of Living in Paris Vs Suburban America

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by Olivia Harden Jan 27, 2022

There are plenty of amazing small towns in America to consider visiting, staying short-term as a digital nomad, or settling down full-time. And as life in the big city gets more expensive, it can be tempting to consider a big move. But what if instead of downsizing to a small city in America, you went for a big city somewhere else?

Travel influencer Olivia Frances posted in an Instagram reel how much it really costs to switch from her hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia (population of under 70,000 people), to Paris, France — population of 2.16 million and noted by some standards as the second most expensive city in the world.

Yet the way that Frances laid out the comparison of costs might surprise you. Here’s how it all stacked up:

Alpharetta, Georgia versus Paris

  • Healthcare: $495 versus $95 per month
  • Transportation: $322 for gas and car insurance versus $75 for metro tickets per month
  • Cellphone plan: $80 for AT&T versus $35 for SFR per month
  • Rent: $2000 versus $1400 per month
  • Total: $2897 versus $1600 monthly

In 2021, Paris was ranked as the 33rd most expensive city in the world for ex-pats. Frances noted that she used the average price of healthcare for freelancers in the US and the average cost of rent in her hometown. When she lived in the US, she worked remotely for a US company. She also said she spends between $45 and $55 per week on groceries and an average of $6 to $22 when eating out.

A move to France gives you the opportunity to see icons like the Louvre and eat your way through every region of the beautiful country. Traveling through the rest of Europe is easy, with great options like cheap EU flights and sleeper trains.

Want to go for a test run to see if Paris is for you? Start with an amazing Paris Airbnb that’s available to book month to month. When considering a move out the country, the sky is definitely the limit.

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