If you’ve dreamed of following the Yellow Brick Road through Oz, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that this June. A long-defunct Wizard of Oz theme park is opening its gates for a few days, offering guided tours. The event is aptly titled “Journey With Dorothy.”

Dorothy herself leads the tours, stopping first at the Fountain of Youth before proceeding through Oz itself. Those with a touch for theatrics will love this tour as scenes from the movie are to be acted out at particular points on the Yellow Brick Road.

Tours will be offered each Friday in June, along with Saturday, June 30th for the closing finale. In a bout of luck for fans, June has five Fridays this years, bringing the total number of tour dates to six.

The Land of Oz park is located on North Carolina’s Beech Mountain, an appropriate distance from Kansas but apparently not a place where Oz fanatics flocked to during the original go. The park opened to the public in 1970 but never really took off as expected. The gates closed permanently ten years later, but nostalgia seems to have brought attention back to the park. In 1991, the gates opened for one day only, and area residents have maintained an annual “Autumn in Oz” event each year.

But it was the internet that perhaps made the closed park more famous than it ever was, as its unkempt look became the subject of a number of creepy photo shoots. As documented in a Halloween piece in Metro back in 2013, long-forgotten structures and characters have been overtaken by untamed weeds and plants, and the road itself has fallen into disrepair.

Tickets go on sale today, April 20th, and cost $25 each. Snag yours here before they’re gone.

H/T: Travel + Leisure