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Buy This Cursed Theme Park for Sale in North Carolina and Ride Your Own Dodgy Roller Coaster

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by Eben Diskin Jul 9, 2019

If you have a wad of cash sitting around, waiting to be used for the thrill of a lifetime, it may be time to tie up those 100s into rolls and take them to the real estate agent. Ghost in the Sky, a Wild West-themed park in North Carolina, is now for sale for $6 million and promises to be an exciting investment — not only does it have cool rides, but the park is also rumored to be cursed.

The theme park, 150 miles west of Charlotte on top of a mountain in Maggie Valley, is a 60-year-old park that’s now closed, and is believed to be afflicted with the evil eye. The 230-acre site was supposed to reopen this spring, but instead the owners decided to wash their hands of the place and sell it, explained The Charlotte Observer.

The park, built in the 1960s and modeled after an old Wild West ghost town, has earned its disastrous reputation fair and square. While it did prove popular for a time, it was always plagued by financial issues and other mishaps, and closed several times. Among these mishaps were a mudslide that hit the park, forcing its closure; a malfunctioning SkyLife that trapped passengers for hours; and a performer accidentally getting shot and wounded during a staged gun fight in 2013.

The place does look rather creepy, but decay from years of neglect and vandalism probably has more to do with it than voodoo. That said, we’ll let you try the roller coaster first.

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