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Disney Releases New Details About Highly Anticipated, 15-Minute Star Wars Ride

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by Eben Diskin Oct 30, 2019

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park was long-awaited in both Disneyland and Disneyworld, and now that it’s open in both, more details are emerging about one of its most highly anticipated attractions. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is opening at Disneyworld on December 5 and Disneyland on January 17, and it will allow guests to travel underneath AT-AT walkers, be taken prisoner on a Star Destroyer, and immerse themselves in a battle with First Order troops.

The ride begins at a rebel outpost, where visitors can join the Resistance and receive instructions from Rey. You will head to General Organa’s secret base with Poe Dameron and BB-8 as your co-pilots and board a ship piloted by Nien Nunb. After taking flight, the spacecraft will be drawn inside a Star Destroyer, meaning you’ll face a horde of animatronic Stormtroopers upon disembarking. While a few pieces of the journey still remain a mystery, riders will soon board trackless vehicles and do battle with the Dark Side, ultimately facing off with Kylo Ren and General Hux. There are plenty of other twists and surprises during the ride experience, but we’ll leave those for you to find out for yourself.

Complete with special effects, blaster gunfire, projections, and other cinematic elements, the ride will be one of the longest Disney rides ever at around 15 minutes.

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