Photo: Seagate Shipyard

This Floating Luxury Resort With See-Through Floors Is Coming to Dubai

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by Eben Diskin Nov 24, 2020

Plans have just been unveiled for a new floating resort near Dubai Marina, called the Sea Palace Floating Resort. Built by Seagate Shipyard, a ship-building company, the resort will be a floating luxury hotel surrounded by six floating houses, each of which can detach and sail independently.

The resort’s design was inspired by glass-bottom boats, as the houses will have transparent floors. Each house is operated by automatic smart systems, and include self-sterilizing air filters, solar energy panels, and garbage recycling systems.

The houses will be spread over two floors, and be equipped with a balcony, rooftop, and a private swimming pool. They will also each have four ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, and living room.

The project is currently about 65 percent complete and in the final stages of its construction.

It’s not quite clear exactly how much the Sea Palace will cost, but since it’s Dubai we’re talking about, you can bet it’s more than the average Holiday Inn Express.

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