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United Is Giving Away One Million Miles to Three Lucky Fliers

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by Eben Diskin Aug 17, 2018

Normally, racking up a million air miles would probably take you a few years of traveling around the world — maybe even a decade. Now, you can earn a million air miles in a matter of seconds, without ever setting foot on a plane because United Airlines is giving away a million MileagePlus free miles to three fliers. To win, all they have to do is enter the sweepstakes by August 28th.

Entering is simple. Before the deadline, submit a photo or video of your favorite travel memory with a message explaining why you chose it and what you’d do with those one million miles. Submit the photo or video on either Instagram or Twitter with the #UnitedJourneyContest hashtag. If social media’s not your thing, just use the official contest website. Note that you can only enter the contest once. One video entry and two photo entries will be selected, and the winners will be announced around September 19th.

The contest judges are MileagePlus travelers from around the world, including an art teacher, fencer, and photographer. And in case you were wondering about the reason behind United’s sudden show of generosity, the giveaway is an attempt to raise awareness for their new travel-themed content site.

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