Photo: L'enoteca Zanardo Giussano/Facebook

Italian Winery Loses 8,000 Gallons of Prosecco in Tank Explosion

by Eben Diskin Oct 5, 2018

Wine-lovers, pour yourself a glass and take out the tissues. The L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano winery in Conegliano, Italy, suffered a truly devastating mishap on September 25th, when one of its fermentation tanks exploded and nearly 8,000 gallons of prosecco spilled over. The entire incident, due to the tank being overfilled, was caught on tape, and the winery uploaded the video to Facebook.

Like a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong, the video shows gallons of wine tumbling to the ground like a waterfall. The video has accumulated over one million views, as well as comments from winos worldwide expressing their sadness and desire to help “clean up” the mess with glasses and straws.

Luckily, the spill probably won’t have an adverse impact on the area’s prosecco production. Italy’s prosecco DOC region is expected to produce nearly 500 million bottles of prosecco this year, which is about 50 million more than last year. Worldwide demand remains extremely high, especially in the US, where prosecco makes up 20 percent of sparkling wine sales. So, while it’s always appropriate to cry over spilled wine, we can hold our tears for the industry as a whole.

H/T: CBS News

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