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Greece Will Reopen Borders to Travelers From All Countries on June 15

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by Eben Diskin Jun 1, 2020

Following European border reopenings is an emotional roller coaster for eager international travelers. Last week, Greece announced that it would open its borders from June 15 to citizens of select countries that were deemed low-risk. This past weekend it issued a clarification that all travelers will be welcome, regardless of nationality, with rules varying depending on airport of origin.

Starting on June 15 until the 30th, travelers coming from an airport listed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as high-risk will be tested on arrival at either Athens or Thessaloniki airport. If positive, the travelers will quarantine under supervision for 14 days. If negative, they must self-quarantine for seven days. Starting on July 1, however, travelers coming from airports on the EASA’s list of affected areas will be able to arrive at any Greek airport and all testing will be random regardless of airport of origin.

Travelers coming from countries and airports not on the EASA list will be allowed to enter the country from June 15 subject only to random tests upon arrival.

Arrivals by land from Albania, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia will be allowed starting on June 15. Visitors crossing Greece’s land border will be subject to random tests upon arrival, as will arrivals by sea, which will be permitted starting on July 1.

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