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Hang Glider Takes Off Without His Safety Harness Attached, Hangs on for Dear Life

by Eben Diskin Nov 28, 2018

Imagine finally mustering the courage to go hang gliding and then realizing your instructor forgot to attach the safety harness. That’s exactly what happened to Chris Gursky, an American on Vacation in Switzerland. He certainly got his wish of cruising through the Alpine air, but he probably didn’t enjoy the scenery as much as he hoped. The moment his hang glider left the ground, he realized his harness wasn’t properly attached and found himself hanging on by his fingertips as he soared through the air at 25 miles per hour. “I looked down once and I thought to myself, so this is it,” Gursky told Good Morning America. “I’m going to fall to my death.”

During the course of the harrowing flight, which was captured on video, the instructor tried to steer to a quick landing but struggled to control the glider. Despite the instructor’s attempts to land, the glider only soared higher and higher, until the country homes looked like colorful specks. Hanging on for dear life, Gursky managed to maintain his grip until the abrupt landing. While he did escape with his life, he sustained a fractured wrist and torn tendon, which required surgery.

Despite the flight probably being the longest four minutes of his life, Gursky still insists that he wants to glide again.

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