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Keanu Reeves Road Trips With Fellow Passengers After Emergency Landing

by Eben Diskin Mar 27, 2019

When a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank was forced to redirect to Bakersfield, passengers ended up taking a van the rest of the way to LA. And they shared that van with none other than Keanu Reeves, star of John Wick, The Matrix, and Hardball, who happened to be on their flight.

One of the passengers, Amir Blum, posted a photo of himself and Reeves on Twitter with the caption, “That time when your flight out from [San Francisco’s Game Development Conference] almost crashes and you have to emergency land in a remote airport but at least Keanu Reeves is having as bad a day as you are.”

According to a spokesperson for SkyWest Airlines Corporate Communications, the flight diverted to Bakersfield due to a “mechanical indication” and “landed safely without incident.”

The emergency landing probably turned into one of these passengers’ more memorable trips. Reeves took a leading role in figuring out travel arrangements, and once aboard the van, even entertained riders by sharing fun facts about Bakersfield that he found on Google, and used YouTube to play local Bakersfield music. Passengers were quick to share videos of their experience with Reeves on social media.

While the flight diversion was undoubtedly a pain, it certainly sounds like Reeves, and the passengers, made the most of a bad situation.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly

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