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London Is Having a Wisteria Bloom, and It Looks Oh-So Romantic

by Eben Diskin May 1, 2019

California has its orange poppies, the Netherlands has its tulips, and London has the wisteria. Although it is not a flower bloom that brings out as many Insta-crazed tourists as the previous two, the wisteria blossoms that fill the streets of London in the springtime are becoming a sought-after sight — there’s even a hashtag (#wisteriahysteria) — dedicated to the phenomenon.

The blossoms only last a few weeks, so visitors only have a short window to see the beautiful purple and white flowers. Flowers typically begin to bloom in April and can continue into May.

If you’re lucky enough to be in London this time of year, check out the following neighborhoods. Just remember that people live here, so don’t climb fences, pose by front doors, come by the thousands and invade residents’ privacy, or trample yards — that’s not cool at all.

  • Kynance Mews — a unique street with houses converted from stables, which really comes alive with wisteria in the spring.

  • Bedford Gardens is another must-stop for wisteria watchers. The contrasting colors of the neighborhood and the blooming flowers really make the blooms stand out.

  • For wisteria in a more posh neighborhood, stroll down Sumner Place in West London. Or check out Elm Place.

  • If you still haven’t had your fill of wisteria, head to Christchurch Street, Gordon Place, Holland Park, Park Walk, St. Leonard’s Terrace, Cheyne Walk, and Ensor Mews for other great viewing locations.

H/T: Secret London

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