Keep your eyes peeled for the president of Mexico next time you fly economy. In an effort to rid his country of corruption, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is selling all 60 government planes and 70 helicopters used by “corrupt politicians,” said Finance Minister Carlos Urzúa at a news conference in Mexico City on Sunday. This includes the presidential plane — a Boeing 787 Dreamliner estimated to be worth $218 million.

The former presidential plane was equipped with several conference rooms, a bedroom, a marble-lined bathroom, and multiple flat-screen TVs. Obrador is willing to give it all up, however, and fly coach alongside his constituents. Some critics speculate that the sale won’t actually save Mexico any money, as the cost of hiring additional security for the president on commercial flights will be astronomical.

Obrador is taking other measures to end political corruption, like ending pensions for ex-presidents and instituting pay cuts for senior government officials. He has also vowed not to live at Los Pinos, the presidential residence, but to instead convert the property into a cultural center.

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