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The Most Haunted States in the US, Ranked

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by Eben Diskin Oct 5, 2020

Living in a haunted house or a haunted town isn’t an enviable situation, except on Halloween. When October 31 rolls around, it suddenly becomes a point of pride to live in an area with legends of grisly murders, ghosts of long-lost sailors, a mysterious forest, and street lamps that flicker ominously.

If you haven’t had a run-in with the supernatural yourself, chances are you know someone who has. There are thousands of ghostly encounters reported each year all across the US, and we usually tend to shrug it off until Halloween comes — then we seek it out.

To really immerse yourself in spooky season this year, consider this list of the US’s most haunted states. monitored paranormal activity in all 50 states to identify the country’s most haunted destinations. Texas took the top spot with 6,845 spiritual sightings. If you’re a resident of California, don’t despair — there have been 6,444 ghost sightings in the Golden State. Ohio and Michigan came in third and fourth, though their numbers are far lower at 2,555 and 2,426 respectively.

If you’re more concerned with avoiding paranormal activity than seeking it out, head to Puerto Rico, which ranked dead last. As for the mainland, however, the last-place spot belongs to Delaware.

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