The Matador guide to Halloween around the world

Epic parties, candy comas, and the scariest places on earth: We’re here to make this Halloween one that’ll haunt you forever.


When you’re five, Halloween is pretty simple. You buy a plastic costume at Walgreens, you bob for a couple of apples at a Halloween party, and you hit up some strangers’ houses hoping to find the people who give out full-sized candy bars. But there’s a lot more to Halloween than just trick-or-treating and Halloween parties. Go to the right places and you can learn the fascinating history of Halloween, or see how people celebrate Halloween in countries around the world. Heck, there’s even a specific Halloween for actual witches. Matador Network has dug deep into the annals of Halloween lore to learn more than we ever thought possible about the scariest day of the year. Read on to find out why this holiday goes a lot deeper than the apples floating on top of a washtub.

Celebrate in style

The 11 most epic places around the world to party this Halloween

It’s not too late to make this Halloween your best ever.

7 fascinating Halloween traditions around the world

How to celebrate Wiccan Samhain instead of Halloween this year

The self-proclaimed ‘Halloween Capital of the World’ didn’t actually host the first Halloween parade

The ultimate Dracula tour of Transylvania for Halloween

Have a sugar rush

Why Americans obsess over candy corn, according to psychologists

It’s in our nature.

The most popular Halloween candy in every state

The 9 best candies that aren’t sold in the United States

How the US tried, and failed, to make a national candy day just before Halloween

Treat the rainforest right this Halloween with palm oil-free candies

On Dia de los Muertos, sugar skulls represent death through sweetness and nostalgia

The best and worst Halloween candies, ranked

Get Spooked

The 7 most chilling ghost tours in the US that aren’t in Salem

Strap on your ghost vacuums.

The spookiest small towns in the US to visit this Halloween

8 serial killer tours for the true-crime obsessed

This cursed whiskey uses maple syrup tapped from a graveyard

The 7 creepiest places to visit in Europe

The scariest haunted house in the world has a 40-page waiver and will pay you $20,000 for finishing

9 haunted hotels you can actually spend the night in

The 5 creepiest ghost towns in Asia

8 horror movie locations you can visit in real life

The 7 most haunted bars in America

The scariest urban legends from each US state

9 American Horror Story filming locales you can visit this Halloween

Live out your Halloween fantasy in the Colorado town that inspired The Shining

Have fun with the family

9 pumpkin patches in the US you could easily spend all day at

Meet and greet with the Great Pumpkin not guaranteed.

The 8 most epic pumpkin festivals in the US

7 insane corn mazes that aren’t just for kids

The 10 scariest haunted hayrides in the United States

Disneyland is having an ‘Oogie Boogie Bash’ this Halloween

Spend Halloween in Hogwarts and duel with Death Eaters

‘Stranger Things’ is coming back to Universal Studios with a haunted house

Get macabre

From modern mummies to fantasy coffins, 9 death rituals from around the world

Death is as varied as life.

Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses is delightfully creepy

The 5 best cities in the US to celebrate the Day of the Dead

This is the happiest cemetery in the world

Find zen among the mossy tombstones of Japan’s largest cemetery

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