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The Queen of England Is Looking for Someone to Manage Her Social Media

by Eben Diskin May 16, 2019

If you’re sick of your boss and wish you could work for someone else, the Queen of England might be your next employer. Her Majesty is looking for someone to handle her social media presence, and if you thought posting your own Instagram photos was stressful, just wait until you’re responsible for the Queen’s follower count. The Royal Household posted a job opening for a Digital Communications Manager, whose job will be to find “new ways to maintain the Queen’s presence in the public eye and on the world stage.”

You would be required to manage all of the Queen’s digital and social networking platforms, be responsible for covering state visits, award ceremonies, and writing feature articles for the new Royal website. The post also says that whoever is chosen will “help hone and shape our digital communications through analytics, monitoring and exploring new technologies. The reaction to our work is always high-profile, and so reputation and impact will be at the forefront of all you do.”

To qualify, you should be able to work in a fast-paced environment, possess excellent planning skills, and be able to adapt to ever-changing demands. The pay is around $38,000, with a 15% employer contribution pension plan after six months, 33 days of vacation, free lunch, professional development training, and of course, you get to hang out with the Queen. Applications will be accepted through May 26.

H/T: Refinery 29

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