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The 9 Signs You Were Raised by a Philadelphian Parent

by Alicia Raeburn Apr 22, 2019

You can’t fight it, that Philadelphia childhood has scarred you. Growing up in the City of Brotherly Love, you’ve learned certain things that you just cannot shake no matter the years, like the instinct to cook enough food to feed a small army for any given occasion. These are some of the telltale signs that you were raised by a Philadelphian parent.

1. You never miss a family event.

It’s Saturday and you think you’re going to stay home? Nice try. It’s a christening, birthday, or house-warming somewhere in your family and you’d better believe that you need to be there.

2. You always answer your phone when they call.

There’s no silencing your phone when it’s a call from your parents; we weren’t raised like that. You pick up as quickly as possible when that sweet picture of you and your momma pops up.

3. You call home weekly.

Not only do you pick up when they call, but you make sure that you call to check in at least once a week. Partially because you miss them, partially because you live in constant fear of the always over-the-top guilt trips.

4. You love big and hard.

We were taught to love intensely. In our homes, there’s hugging, crying, and yelling because we don’t do this whole family thing halfway. Philly parents raise us to be passionate people, and we don’t let them down.

5. You cook enough food to feed seven households for holidays.

Whether five people are coming to a holiday dinner or 15, there’s still going to be enough food to feed your entire block. We don’t just roast a turkey around here and call it a day.

6. When you say family vacations, you mean within a two-hour drive.

Hopping on a plane for an African safari is not our idea of a family getaway. Renting a house in the Poconos or at the shore for a week is more our speed.

7. You talk about the neighborhood you’re from with pride.

It doesn’t matter which part of Philly you grew up in; you’re proud when someone asks you for it. Your momma didn’t raise you to be ashamed of anything to do with your family or your childhood.

8. You respect your elders.

You can tell who was raised by Philadelphia parents by how they treat their elders. We say “Ma’am” and “Sir,” and we offer our seats when they need them. We know better than to do otherwise.

9. You have a healthy appetite even when you’re not hungry.

Food is life, and not just because you need it to actually survive. In a Philly household, food is also comfort, celebration, and condolences. Even if you were eating as you walked in the door of your house, you better figure out a way to get hungry ASAP because there’s no turning down food once you’re inside.

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