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You Know You’re in Philadelphia When…

by Brandyn Campbell Oct 18, 2018

Philadelphia is not like any city on the East Coast — it has plenty of quirks that make it unique and fun. From finding cars parked in the middle of street completely normal to celebrating New Year’s Day with the Mummers Parade, here are 12 surefire signs you’re in inimitable Philadelphia.

1. You see the Philadelphia skyline.

That’s right folks, we have one now! With new additions like the Cira Center, FMC Center, and Comcast Technology Center, Philadelphia finally has a distinctive skyline to of its own.

2. There are cars parked in the middle of the street.

You know exactly where you are in Philly when you see cars firmly planted in the turn lane. It’s creative problem solving at its boldest.

3. You’re immersed in all sports, all the time.

Any conversation at any time held anywhere in or around Philadelphia will pivot into a discussion about the current state of the Eagles/Sixers/Flyers/Phillies, somehow, someway. It’s a very impressive skill that Philadelphians have.

4. You’re surrounded by public art.

The Mural Arts program and Isaiah Zager’s mosaics ensure that there’s visual inspiration anywhere we find ourselves in the city. We all have our favorites but it’s hard to top the figurative and literal stature of the Dr. J mural.

5. You’re blinded by the neon lights of Pat’s and Geno’s.

You know you’ve had a few too many when you see the bright lights of Pat’s and Geno’s as a beacon of comfort. We may cringe, but hating on them endlessly is something we all love to do.

6. You can watch the Mummers marching in.

We don’t believe in ending the party when the ball drops at midnight. We come for the costumes in the Mummers Parade and stay for the day-long party that goes all the way to Second Street.

7. You can order the Citywide Special.

You don’t know that you need one until it’s offered. The Citywide Special is a totally unnecessary but a completely satisfying taste of home.

8. You yearn for fall and are heartbroken when it ends.

Our delightfully moderate autumn weather lasts about three days, but that makes us cherish the season of fall festivals, hayrides, and apple cider donuts from Beiler’s Donuts.

9. You can take in the outline of Boathouse Row.

We’ll never grow tired of seeing the illuminated houses of Boathouse Row welcoming us to Center City.

10. You have Yuengling, Philadelphia Brewing Company, and Yards on tap everywhere.

Thank you, Philadelphia breweries, for the wealth of delicious craft beer that pours from our local taps.

11. You visit the art museum for reasons that often don’t involve art.

You find yourself on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of your fitness regimen, meeting spot, or chance to enjoy fresh snow and go sledding.

12. You’re surrounded by students.

Constantly being surrounded by college students is a reminder that the 9,000 universities in and around the city have inspired one of the city’s greatest features: Insomnia Cookies. Who said there’s no plus side to late-night binges?

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