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Six Flags Will Pay You $300 to Spend 30 Hours in a Coffin

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by Eben Diskin Sep 27, 2018

This coffin challenge takes “playing dead” to a whole new level. In preparation for Fright Fest, and to get you in the mood for Halloween, Six Flags has announced a “30-Hour Coffin Challenge,” taking place on October 13. Six participants will each be given their own cozy coffin, and $300 will be awarded to anyone who can stomach 30 hours inside.

You don’t have to stay for the entire 30 hours straight, though. A six-minute bathroom break will be allowed every hour, and meals, drinks, snacks, and even a phone charger will also be provided. Contestants are also permitted to bring a pillow and blankets.

If you’re one of the coffin-dwellers, though, you’d better hope none of your fellow contestants make it the full 30 hours. In the event that more than one person lasts the full time, the winner of the money will be determined by raffle. If the $300 isn’t a sweet enough prize to entice you to spend the next two days in a coffin, the winner will also receive two season-long park passes, a prize pack, and other souvenirs from Six Flags.

To participate, you must be 18 years or older with valid photo ID, not be inhibited by severe medical conditions, be able to lay completely flat in a 2’x7’ coffin, and sign a waiver form at check-in.

The challenge will take place at the Six Flags park in St. Louis, and you’ll need to apply by October 3rd. The lucky (or unlucky) contestants will be chosen on October 4.

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