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Southwest Designed Five Shark-Themed Planes for Shark Week

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by Eben Diskin Jul 12, 2018

Flying sharks might sound like something out of Sharknado, but it’s going to become a reality thanks to Southwest’s new shark-themed Boeing 737 aircraft. Since it first debuted in the 1980s, Shark Week has proven incredibly popular as a marketing tool. In the past, Southwest gave one plane a shark-inspired look, but this year we’ll see all 737s getting the Shark Week treatment, each featuring its own species of shark. While the aircrafts will still display Southwest’s typical paint scheme, the nose of the jets will boast images of circling sharks and a 30th-anniversary Shark Week logo.

Southwest has also partnered with flight-tracking service FlightAware to allow people to track the shark-themed jets on FlightAware’s website. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to search for the shark jets by entering the tail numbers of the aircraft: Great White (N470WN), Hammerhead (N705SW), Mako (N961WN), Tiger Shark (N553WN), and Bull Shark (N947WN). Southwest is also hoping that its partnership with the Discovery Channel will help draw attention to the airline and its in-flight entertainment, which will feature Shark Week content for the length of the promotion.

In a statement, Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said, “we are thrilled to celebrate Shark Week’s 30th anniversary in an even bigger way by launching an entire fleet of shark-themed aircraft and premiering a Shark Week episode onboard our flights.”

The sharks take flight on Monday and will remain active through August 31.

H/T: USA Today

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