Photo: Mellonsfolly Ranch

This Entire Wild West Town Replica in New Zealand Is for Sale

by Eben Diskin Jul 1, 2020

The Wild West has distinctly American connotations, but this detailed replica of a Wild West town is actually located in New Zealand. Mellonsfolly Ranch, built in 2006, is a replica of a 1860s Wyoming frontier town turned into a boutique hotel that can accommodate up to 22 guests, and it’s on sale for $7.5 million.

According to the listing by Sotheby’s, “On this ranch, you won’t find herds of sheep or cattle. Taking advantage of the surrounding pristine native bush, Mellonsfolly Ranch operates a thriving Manuka honey business. Famed the world over, Manuka honey is one of New Zealand’s prized and most profitable exports. Indeed, the 450 hives on the property already generate a substantial income, with plans to expand to over 600 hives.”

The 900-acre ranch is home to 10 period-themed buildings, including a boardwalk, a courthouse that doubles as a movie theater, a licensed saloon, stables, a sheriff’s office, a billiards lounge, one residential house, two rental houses, and luxury guest accommodations.

This luxury property is highly unusual, but it’s sure to catch the eye of those with a passion for Western movies and deep pockets. For more information and photos of the ranch, check out the online Sotheby’s listing.

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