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Zac Efron Has a New Travel Show on YouTube

by Eben Diskin Apr 8, 2019

Some pretty big Anthony Bourdain-sized shoes are in need of filling, and someone you might not expect has stepped up to try and do it: Zac Efron. Efron has started a vlogging channel on YouTube and a video series called “Off the Grid,” featuring himself and his brother Dylan on travel adventures around the world. The channel was founded on the idea that stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow, and it’s intended to inspire others to follow in Efron’s footsteps and venture into the unknown.

In the channel’s description, Efron bills “Off the Grid” as “Outdoors and adventure with my best friend and brother, Dylan. Come along with us as we travel the world and get out of our comfort zones!”

In the first episode, Zac, Dylan, and six friends spend four days visiting Lake Mohave in Arizona. The vlog includes the six-hour drive from their house in Los Angeles to Lake Mohave, the group befriending a wild donkey in the water, figuring out how to camp and cook food, getting in trouble for feeding the fish, and jet-skiing on the lake.

While there isn’t any specific information on how often episodes will be released, he does ask fans to “check back weekly for my travel adventure series.” So Efron fans certainly won’t be starved for content anytime soon.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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