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The Towering Dunes of Sand Mountain, Nevada, Are an Off-Roader's Paradise

by Matador Creators Jan 12, 2023

Located approximately 32 miles east of Fallon, Sand Mountain, Nevada is an amazing playground for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts. From dune buggies and ATVs to motorcycles and UTVs, this is the perfect place to have your first duning experience.

Sand Mountain is located near the small town of Fallon, Nevada. It’s home to some of the largest sand dunes in North America, with peaks reaching up to 800 feet high. The mountain itself covers about 3,700 acres and has over 31 miles of trails for off-roaders to explore. It also features several smaller mountains and hills surrounding it. The mountain, which stands 600 feet tall with 3,000 acres of rolling dunes, is made up of quartzite sand that has been deposited by wind over many thousands of years, and is estimated to be between 10,000 and 15,000 years old. The rocky base ensures a constant supply of quartzite sand that remains on the surface, because it is too heavy to be blown away by the wind like other lighter types, making it ideal for OHV use as the sand provides excellent traction for vehicles.

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to activities at Sand Mountain. Off-roading enthusiasts will find plenty of routes suitable for their vehicles as well as opportunities for camping and hiking. There are plenty of activities specifically geared towards those who want to experience duning. You can join in on group rides or rent a dune buggy or ATV from one of the local vendors operating in the area—allowing you to get an adrenaline rush while taking in the beautiful views.

As with any activity involving motorized vehicles, safety must be your top priority when visiting Sand Mountain. Always remember to wear protective gear such as helmets and gloves while riding an ATV or dune buggy — and never drive faster than conditions allow. Additionally, if you plan on camping near the dunes be sure to practice Leave No Trace principles and respect other campers’ boundaries.

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