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Off the Beaten Path: Eggs Around the World

by Alex Nolette Sep 27, 2010
Bibimbap: Korea

When Asian countries introduced us to the art of cooking food at our tables, the world was enchanted. Korean Bibimbap is a variation of this concept.

Steamed rice and loads of vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, beansprouts, carrots etc.) are served in a skin-meltingly-hot stone bowl with a raw egg. The ingredients are mixed and cooked together by the bowl at the table with a chili-pepper paste.

Nasi Goreng: Indonesia

Nasi Goreng translates basically to fried rice, and is considered to be Indonesia’s national dish. Simply, it’s made of day-old rice and packed with egg, prawns, soy sauce, and spices that are as varied as the cooks that prepare it. The Indonesians usually crown the dish with a whole, fried egg.

Bokkeumbap: Korea

Bokkeumbap is another fried rice dish that usually features a whole fried egg on top. The difference is the kimchi.

Ramen: Japan

Little more than a college joke in America, ramen is taken quite seriously in Japan.

With hundreds of dedicated ramen restaurants, the Japanese have perfected the art of the noodle soup. Commonly, ramen features a piece of sliced pork, seaweed, and a halved hard-boiled egg floating around.

Eggs Benedict: USA

Eggs Benedict is one American egg dish that gets it right. Instead of beating the egg into submission, it is poached and placed respectfully on a pedestal of English muffin and ham and decorated with a medal of Hollandaise sauce. A rich breakfast to add glamor to the start of your day.

Doro Wat: Ethiopia

Doro Wat is chicken in a spicy, peppery sauce. Called Ethiopia’s national dish, the recipe is a complicated favorite that calls for berbere paste. When it’s done, a hard boiled egg or two is added and it’s served with injera

Burger with The Lot: Australia

I’m not sure who decided to put a fried egg on a burger, but the Aussies ran away with the idea. The egg plays best supporting actor to the beef patty on this colossal burger.

Pineapple, beet root, caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, and tomato round out the burger with just enough toppings and flavor to make your mandibles ache. Argentina also adds fried eggs to their burgers if you order a completo.

Loco Moco: Hawaii

If you speak Spanish, the name might be deceptive, but spend any time in Hawaii and you’ll probably come across a very simple dish that is begging to be devoured. Loco Moco is layered fried egg, hamburger patty, and steamed rice drenched in brown gravy.

Arroz a la Cubana: Spain

“Cuban-style rice” is a popular dish in Spain, Peru, and the Philippines. Steamed, white rice is topped with a Spanish favorite, Sofrito.

Sofrito is made by adding sauteed onions, garlic, and green peppers to crushed or fresh tomatoes. A fried egg is served to the side or right on top.

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