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This Chart Shows How Much the World’s Best Beaches Are Worth

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by Eben Diskin Jun 19, 2018

Beaches might be one of the world’s most reliable and profitable draws for tourism. As far as real estate goes, a place near the beach is often one of the most desirable and highly sought-after locations, and therefore, also the most expensive. But which of the world’s many beaches are the most valuable? Provided by Canvas Holidays, this chart factors a beach’s size with the cost per square meter of a nearby apartment, to calculate the total value of the world’s top 15 beaches.

It might come as no surprise that Venice Beach ranks as the world’s most valuable beach, with a staggering estimated value of £2.39 billion, or $3.14 billion. The runner-up comes in at £2.25, or $2.96 billion. Bournemouth is the top-ranked beach in the UK, a great surf spot, and a local favorite for Brits looking to take advantage of the rare sunny day. Everyone’s probably heard about the second runner-up, even if they haven’t been there in person. Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro is half the size of Bournemouth, but it’s still valued at £801 million, or $105.5 million.

If you’re looking to live that beach life on a budget, you’re not out of luck just yet. There are countless smaller, less-frequented beaches that could be perfect for your next vacation, or even an extended stay. Lake Garda in Northern Italy, Wassenaar Beach in the Netherlands, and Costa da Caparica in Lisbon, are all great options for the budget traveler or beach-loving homebuyer.

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