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Stay at These Black-Owned Georgia Farm Airbnbs for a Taste of History and Food

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by Elisabeth Sherman May 18, 2022

A farm stay in pastoral Georgia isn’t just a relaxing getaway from city life, anymore. Thanks to an Airbnb partnership with The New Communities Land Trust (an organization founded during the Civil Rights movement to support Black farmers) families can learn about the history and traditions behind farming in the state from Black farmers themselves.

The Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail is a new collection of experiences on farm Airbnbs that offer guests an inside look at the history of agriculture in Georgia and the challenges that Black farmers face in the present. And since the heart and soul of these trips are of course the farms, there is some delicious food to be enjoyed along the way, too.

While these experiences spread awareness about the important role that Black farmers play in Georgia’s culture and history, the tours also financially support Black farmers by giving them “economic opportunities of local tourism,” according to a press release provided by Airbnb.

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Some of the experiences are more focused on history and education, like a tour of Resora farm. Guests can ride a wagon through the orange grove and pecan orchard, all while listening to stories about the important role that Black farmers played in the Civil Rights movement in Georgia. At Resora, guests can stay at three cabins and cottages across the property, which is dotted with cypress trees and ponds bubbling with wildlife.

If you’re just as interested in Georgia’s food as you are its history, the Taste of the South experience, at Vick’s Estate, Farm, and Fishery might be right for you. Led by Clinton Vicks, who will treat guests to a barbecue dinner, this experience allows guests to explore the farm’s gardens, pick fresh herbs, and hear personal stories about the many generations of farmers in the Vicks family.

Discriminatory and exclusionary business practices have historically shut Black farmers out of the opportunities and monetary resources they need to keep their farms running. Both intimate and educational, these experiences on farm Airbnbs offer travelers the opportunity to not just support farmers with their money, but to also come face to face with the real people, families, and history that make Georgia such a special and interesting destination.

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