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Netflix Movie Used Footage of Colorado to Portray California, and It Didn’t Fool Anyone

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by Eben Diskin Jul 25, 2019

Colorado and California have an interesting relationship, as the former is increasingly being overrun by vacationers, transplants, and retirees from the latter. With more and more West Coasters migrating to the Centennial State, Colorado is slowly becoming California-ized, and it’s a bit of a sore subject. No, Colorado is not California (at least not yet), but that hasn’t stopped Netflix from conflating the two. In the new original Netflix movie Secret Obsession, a shot of Boulder, Colorado, is passed off as being in California — and they thought people wouldn’t notice.

Netflix Secret Obsession

Photo: Netflix

The scene was filmed at the University of Colorado and Boulder’s Flatirons — a rock formation consisting of five flatiron rocks along the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. For Coloradoans, especially those from Boulder, it’s an iconic and recognizable location. That’s why, when Netflix tried to pass the location off as “Silverado Canyon, California,” it didn’t exactly go unnoticed.

When the movie premiered on July 18, viewers familiar with the view immediately took to social media to point out the discrepancy.



Netflix has not yet responded to the social media outcry, but the mistake has already been noted on the movie’s IMDB page under “errors in geography.”

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