Any wishes of becoming an Oscar Mayer wiener will come true in August.

Well, almost. You won’t literally be able to turn yourself into a tube of processed beef and sodium lactate, but for one night in August, you can live inside of one. That’s because, in honor of National Hot Dog Day, Oscar Mayer is offering overnight stays in the iconic Wienermobile on Airbnb, parked somewhere in the city of Chicago.

Photo: Airbnb

Eat your heart out, Abe Froman.

The one-night-only stays will run from August 1-3, conveniently coinciding with the Lollapalooza festival happening in Grant Park. So if you find yourself on the inside of a hot dog at the end of the night, don’t blame your mushrooms.

Photo: Airbnb

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on Airbnb

The 27-foot tubesteak on wheels will be open to the public for overnights for the first time since its creation in 1936. It’ll have a mini-fridge stocked with everything you need to make your own Chicago-style dogs, plus a hot dog roller you can take home with you — in case you want to turn your kitchen into a regional airport snack bar.

Photo: Airbnb

Out front, you’ll get a full-on trailer park patio setup, complete with spacious wooden chairs, potted plants, and astroturf. It’s a Florida dream right in the middle of Chicago, where you can invite passersby over for a hot dog, ensuring everyone will fall in love with you.

You’ll also get a swag bag full of “Sun’s out, buns out” apparel, if you feel like being a walking Oscar Mayer billboard at the festival. All of this will run you $136, or about 38 packs of hot dogs.

Since sleeping in a motorized hot dog may well be the hotel highlight of 2019, Oscar Mayer will be announcing more stay dates on July 24, so stay tuned. Even if you’re not planning a trip to Chicago, the chance to sleep in the Wienermobile doesn’t come along every day. So send this out to your friends and see who else wants to be an Oscar Mayer wiener for a night.