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9 World Cup Teams Rock Recycled Plastic Jerseys

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by JoAnna Haugen Jun 15, 2010
At Matador Sports, we’ve already taken a good look at some of the World Cup’s biggest stars in their skivvies, but players from nine countries are wearing something more significant than flag-clad boxers.

Players from Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, United States, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia and Slovenia are wearing jerseys manufactured by Nike from plastic water bottles. Each jersey is made from eight bottles that have been melted down and processed into polyester.

The jerseys are 13 percent lighter than standard jerseys. They can also absorb and disperse sweat more quickly.

Nike is also using the technology to produce jerseys for sale as merchandise to the general public. According to Nike, these eco-jerseys have helped divert 13 million plastic bottles from landfills.

Other companies are making apparel from recycled plastic as well. Coca-Cola’s Drink2Wear clothing line includes t-shirts and baseball caps made from a blend of cotton and recycled plastic. Coke has sold about $15 million in Drink2Wear products since launching the line in 2007.

Now if only they’d manufacture more vuvuzelas out of recycled plastic as well.

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