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This Interactive Map Shows the 50 Most Filmed Streets in the United States

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by Nickolaus Hines Mar 24, 2022

There are streets you know because you’ve seen them before, and then there are streets you know because you seen them on screen. American Home Shield, a home warranty company, scoured shooting location data on IMDb to find the streets in the United States that most often make it into movies and shows.

Los Angeles and New York City get the most love with nine out of 10 of the most filmed streets. Additionally, 44 of the top 50 locations are in California or New York.

Hollywood Boulevard, with its convenient location next to the nexus of the American film industry, is appropriately the most filmed street. The IMDb research found 133 movies and shows on Hollywood Boulevard. Notably, not all are of those depictions are labeled as Hollywood Boulevard in movies and shows.

I became accustomed to recognizing filming locations while growing up in California and later living in New York City. It’s like finding a little Easter egg — especially when you notice that place that is supposedly shown on the movie or show is actually somewhere else (or when the depiction is off, which was the case in The Gilded Age).

I lived in New York City’s Washington Heights during the filming for Daredevil, and my street and entrance to my apartment was shut off for a few days one summer. Turns out the showrunners needed somewhere that had a bit more of an edge to depict Hell’s Kitchen, which by that point had already largely been turned into a playground of clubs, restaurants, and overpriced bars.

The most filmed locations in New York trend toward the more glamorous, though. Park Avenue is the second most filmed street overall, while Broadway and Wall Street have many depictions of their own.

Outside of New York City and LA, other popular filming locations include San Francisco (Market Street), Chicago (Wacker Drive), and New Orleans (Bourbon Street).

The 10 most filmed streets in the United States

  1. Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California: 133
  2. Park Avenue in New York City, New York: 61
  3. Market Street in San Francisco, California: 22
  4. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California: 20
  5. Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana: 16
  6. South Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada: 12
  7. East Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada: 10
  8. Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois: 7
  9. Center Street in Piru, California: 7
  10. Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey: 6

To make the map, AHS used movies listed on IMDb from 1900 to 2020 with data about filming locations. Only the routes and intersections were included using Google Geocoding API, and the team counted the number of times a street was filmed (landmarks or specific locations on a street were not).

Using this map, you can set up a street tour for yourself, and add the real locations of your favorite TV homes into the mix while you’re at it.

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