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The Most Popular Cocktail in Every US State

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by Elisabeth Sherman Aug 4, 2021

It’s a Friday night and you’re at home, awaiting the arrival of your guests for an informal cocktail party. Tired of the usual gin and tonic and vodka soda options usually served at these shindigs, you take to the internet to track down some cocktail recipes. Turns out, which one you — and your neighbors — search for the most somewhat depends on your state. Using Google Keyword Planner search data from the last 12 months, clothing retailer Pour Moi determined which are the most popular cocktails in the United States.

The pina colada is the most searched for cocktail overall in America. The classic tropical concoction was created in Puerto Rico, and it’s easy to imagine why people would want to channel the feel of the drink’s island home in the hot summer months. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the most searched for cocktail in Hawaii and Florida.

The US also has an odd fascination with a cocktail named the pornstar martini — it ranked among the most searched-for cocktails in Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and many other states. Once you get past its saucy name, the pornstar martini is actually a delicious combination of fresh passion fruit, vanilla vodka, and Champagne.

Other classic cocktails on America’s most searched-for list include the negroni (a favorite in Washington, Oregon, and California) and the espresso martini (New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), both of which are equally loved in Europe. It’s interesting to note that the espresso martini seems to have regional ties — it appears most frequently on the Pour Moi list in the Northeastern United States. The most searched-for cocktail in Texas, meanwhile, might surprise you — it’s not the margarita (or the frozen margarita, which was created in Dallas), but the daiquiri.

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This data only points to the cocktails that residents from each state in America are looking up online the most. That doesn’t mean these are necessarily the most purchased, drunk, or popular cocktails in every state. One possible explanation is that people are whipping up these cocktails at home more than they are sipping them at bars, which necessitates looking up the ingredients online.

Curious to find out which cocktail people are searching for the most in your state? You can check out the full data report on Pour Moi’s website here, and then add it to the menu at your next cocktail party.

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