The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Type of Traveler in Your Life

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The practice of waking up at 4 AM and rushing to be the first in line outside a big-box store on big holiday shopping days is as dated as The Real World. Everything you need for holiday shopping can be found online, at small local retailers, or often both. This one-stop holiday shopping guide rounds up the top gifts for travelers, from the cousin who spends her summers trekking through national parks to the coworker who never remembers to wear compression socks when they fly. (There’s something in here to gift yourself, too, as a tribute to your good taste in gift-giving.)




Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Few thrills compare with the rush of an epic outdoor adventure. But venturing into the great outdoors without the proper gear is a surefire way to ruin — or at least hamper — the experience. These trail-tested suggestions are the latest gear that Matador editors are into right now.

Easily Packable Gear for the 50+ Traveler

For older and wiser travelers, having easily packable gear can make new (or familiar) destinations even more enjoyable. These gifts are not only practical, but they also offer convenience and a touch of luxury that seasoned travelers will appreciate.

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Essential Gear for Traveling With Kids

Traveling with children is an exciting, rewarding experience that provides lasting memories for the whole family. It also comes with challenges that require careful planning and preparation. From keeping your little ones entertained during long flights and car rides to ensuring they’re comfortable and safe in unfamiliar surroundings, every parent knows that the key to smooth sailing on family trips is packing the right things.

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Perfect Gifts for Girlfriends Who Love to Travel

We can all do better than gifting a neck pillow. From haircare travel kits to stylish t-shirts, these thoughtful presents have been selected from companies that are women owned and operated.

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Gifts That Make Travel Easier

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One of the biggest misconceptions about travel is that it’s always expensive and stressful. The perpetrators of this myth have likely simply failed to properly prepare. Save your travel companions (and yourself) the hassle by stocking up now on things that make travel easier and more enjoyable, such as cheap lounge access and good coffee.


Gifts for the Traveler Heading to Southeast Asia

Whether exploring Cambodia’s ancient temples, lounging on Thailand’s beautiful beaches, or navigating Vietnam’s bustling streets, having the right gear can significantly enhance the experience. Every country in Southeast Asia has its own cultural norms, weather patterns, and tourist attractions, so packing appropriately and lightly requires careful consideration.

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Gifts for the Traveler Heading on a Trekking Adventure in Latin America

With landscapes ranging from glaciers to deserts, it’s no surprise that Latin America is a prime destination for trekkers.

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Gifts for the Traveler Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe is an adventure that many people dream of. It’s a chance to explore different cultures, see historic landmarks, and meet new people. Packing appropriately makes for a smoother journey.

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Gifts for the Traveler Going an Incredible African Safari

As exciting as planning a safari can be, a first-time safari-goer might find the packing process to be slightly overwhelming. This comprehensive guide has all the essentials for an incredible African safari, from clothing suited for the diverse climate to photography equipment that’ll capture unforgettable moments.

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Gifts That Make Packing Easier and More Efficient

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Packing is an imperfect science, but it’s a science nonetheless. The more you do it, the better you get — though having a few things to streamline the process always helps. Packing tip from Matador editors: Double up on small items like toiletries and charging cords, and always keep one set packed and ready to go in your bag. That way, nothing small is forgotten.

10 Gifts for the Traveling Yogi

Yoga mats, crystals, journals, and other lovely gift ideas for anyone heading on a yoga retreat or who is just looking to practice on the road.

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19 Zero-Waste and Eco-Minded Toiletry Bag Gifts

Help the frequent traveler in your life make the switch to zero-waste and eco-minded products. From bamboo toothbrushes to solid shampoos, these sustainable alternatives are not just better for the planet, they’re also innovative, high-quality, and often come beautifully packaged. Say hello to this year’s stocking stuffers.

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6 Vegan Skincare Beauty Essentials That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

If you’d like to treat someone to beauty products this holiday season but have concerns about skin sensitivities, go vegan. These vegan brands have dedicated their entire lines to being cruelty-free.

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All the Best Hair Products, Tools, and Accessories You Need While Traveling

Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Different climates, water quality, and the inevitable stress of travel can all take a toll. But with the right travel-szed hair products, tools, and accessories, travelers can ensure that their hair remains healthy, shiny, and stylish.

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Matador Editors’ Favorite Gear of 2023

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Those who travel for a living tend to be opinionated about everything from the right way to pack to the best seat to book on an airplane. The includes Matador editors. While you can’t control the noisy neighbor in the room next door, you can be prepared to zone them out with noise-canceling headphones. The same is true for nearly every headache that can arise while on the road.


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