The Matador guide to holiday drinks around the world

What we drink and why we drink it.

The holiday season is about a lot of things. Giving, for one, as well as cherishing time with loved ones. It’s also, for many, a time of indulgence. It’s a time of year that tradition calls for people around the world to sip on a thick and boozy eggnog or a warming mulled wine. We cheers into the new year with Champagne and share our experiences over a bottle of our favorite wine by the fire.

When Matador Network waded into the wide world of holiday drinks, we found it’s not just what you drink, but how you drink. The ritual of drinking ponche navideño during Las Posadas in Mexico, for example, and the many ways to say cheers and happy new year around the globe. We also learned that the Champagne region, which makes the classic holiday bubbly that gets everyone in a celebratory mood, is also a model for sustainability.

This year, sip on your favorite holiday drinks alongside some soon to be favorites.

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