10. Aleppo, Syria

Photo: Mr. Theklan

Aleppo, you ask? Are you serious?

Yes. Syria’s Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world, with an epic souk, courtyard restaurants, and a massive citadel commanding a view over the city.

Luxury hotels like the Sheraton are not far from the old city. Don’t miss a walk through the alleyways of the Armenian Christian quarter.

Note: Probably not the best for immediate honeymoons. Read the State Department’s current travel warning.

9. Cambodia

Photo: Chi King

Cambodia will tug hard on your heartstrings, but there’s a lot of hope in the country these days that balances out the poverty and the crippling legacy of civil war.

Don’t miss the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor, but leave plenty of time to relax on the Gulf of Thailand in Kep, exploring ruined villas and feasting on fresh crab.

8. Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean

Photo: ben.ramirez

Jay-Z may fly private jets to the Turks and Caicos, but New Yorkers can get there easily too, now that JetBlue and Continental have introduced non-stop service between Providenciales and JFK / Newark.

Provo, as the main island is called, is where you’ll find almost all of the resorts, but the islands get more charming as you move east along the chain, culminating with tiny Salt Cay, where couples can walk for hours on North Beach without crossing another footprint.

7. Maine Coast

Photo: pshutterbug

It’s not the best place for swimming, but the Maine shoreline has rugged charm and wicked good seafood. The whole coast is gorgeous, but don’t miss Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island.

6. Bequia, Caribbean

Photo: TooFarNorth

Like Salt Cay in the Turks and Caicos, Bequia — part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines — is a bit of a backwater, but the slow pace and easygoing atmosphere is perfect for honeymooners exhausted by the stress of hosting their wedding.

Travel writer Eva Holland makes the island sound idyllic in her Complete Guide to Bequia:

The island is safe, compact, and enjoys perfect weather pretty well year round. So take a walk. Take a nap on the beach. Drink a papaya juice and watch the sun go down.

5. South Africa

Photo: coda

The afterglow of the 2010 World Cup might be fading, but South Africa is one of the most culturally vibrant and naturally stunning countries in the world.

Live it up in Capetown and then head to one of the Singita game reserves to stay at a luxurious lodge and get up close to lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo.

4. Portugal

Photo: Fr Antunes

Tiny Portugal sometimes gets overshadowed by its massive former colony, Brazil, but the combination of castles, beach towns, and distinctive local wines is tough to beat.

Lisbon is one of the oldest capitals in Europe and many of the homes are built with thick stone walls, good for keeping cool in summer and toasty warm in the wintertime.

3. Morocco

Photo: bachmont

Morocco is an incredibly diverse country, both in terms of natural landscapes and cultural heritage. In one trip, you can chill on the beach in Essaouira — where Jimi Hendrix used to hang out — see the world’s tallest mosque minaret, and trek through massive sand dunes in the Sahara.

2. Tahiti

Nothing has ever gone wrong in Tahiti.

1. Switzerland

Photo: Problemkind

Straight-laced Switzerland might not be a sultry or exotic destination, but honeymooning couples shouldn’t need much extra romantic inspiration.

Switzerland is stunningly beautiful, safe, and orderly. Couples can simply enjoy each other — which is really the whole point of the trip.

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