Negril, Jamaica. Photo: WanderingtheWorld


For such a small island nation, Jamaica has uniquely distinguished itself amongst 190+ others. The Matador community dissects the obvious favorites like Jamaica’s music and beaches worth visiting, while also covering the lesser-known truths like its medical programs and dog sledding activities. Smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, what Jamaica lacks in size, it makes up for in culture and adventure.

Check below for articles on a slew of topics, including: Jamaica’s dance craze of daggering, dangerous roads for adventure driving, and travel narratives from fellow Matadorians.

Jamaica Articles

13 things only someone who’s been to Jamaica will understand

by Lily Girma

The real Jamaica: A journey beyond the all-inclusives

by Ross Borden

The 5 best countries in the world for vegetarians

by Morgane Croissant

Dear travelers to Jamaica: please don’t come visit until you’ve understood these 4 things

by Farah Mohammed

10 life lessons we could all learn from Jamaica

by Sarah Morbitzer

Obama saying ‘wha gwan Jamaica’ has already become the greatest dancehall sample of all time

by Timothy McGrath

How to piss off a Jamaican

by Donnalee Donaldson

Portraits of the proud and dignified elders of Jamaica

by Andrea Cauthen

Ode to a bus driver

by Sarah Morbitzer

You know you’re in Jamaica when…

by Sarah Morbitzer

How to piss off a Canadian-Jamaican

by Alyssa James

The Rastafarians of St. Thomas, Jamaica [pics]

by Kevin Garrison

7 REAL haunted houses to visit this Halloween

by Sarah Park

Best nude beaches in the world, volume 2

by Hal Amen

12 places where pirates once thrived

by Hal Amen

Dogsledding in Jamaica

by JoAnna Haugen

As far as the eye can see

by Carlo Alcos

“Daggering” in Jamaica: A dance craze gone too far?

by Eva Holland
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