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Arguably the most visited country in Africa, Egypt’s close proximity to Europe and the Middle East makes it easily accessible to travelers who flock in to see historical relics of kings and pharaohs dating back thousands of years.

Fresh off the heels of a revolution termed the “Egyptian Uprising”, Egypt’s political landscape has changed dramatically, and Matador has been publishing ground-level perspectives and facts to help readers understand this uprising on a deeper level.

In addition, we’re also publishing articles and photo essays that cover other aspects of the country – cruising down the Nile (Africa’s longest river), biking through the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, diving in the Red Sea, exploring the pyramids of Giza and the Eastern Desert, as well as ways of avoiding all the tourist traps mentioned above.

A different perspective over the Theban Necropolis.
'Best of' list for Cairo, Egypt covering everything from bellydancing to the Khan El...
Mustard is a self-taught freelance photojournalist based in Cairo.
I miss Layth’s golden moments -- when he was comfortable and relaxed, sweet and open.
When the yurt does not have wifi
Many veterans of the revolution turned against its leaders for reasons lofty and mundane.
The airport shuttle driver beams and thanks me for coming during the troubles.
After the death of the Coptic Pope and a new president, what does the future hold for...
Wekalet al-Balah is emerging as a symbol of revived Egyptian independence.
Nubian music traditionally drew inspiration from the Nubian landscape.
People greeted me with a hearty “welcome to Egypt!” or “you are welcome!”
A woman in a veil waddled up to me and yelled in English, "This is Metro, not club!"
This young Egyptian kid sure knows how to handle his balls.
"We will just work on developing his shooting skills during training."
Dude climbs the outside of a building. 13 storeys. No rope. Carrying an Egyptian flag.
Judging by the number of people pouring into the square before 11am this morning, it's...
Nick Rowlands shares some snapshots of his return to Cairo, which in Arabic is called...
Pictures of the first 8 days of the 2011 Egyptian uprising.
Nick Rowlands vents his confusion and frustration at being stuck hundreds of miles away...
Joshua continues to chronicle his Egyptian journey.
Joshua continues to chronicle his Egyptian journey.
Joshua chronicles a three-week journey in three parts; this video uncovering Cairo, Abu...
Darren Ornitz brings back photos of the alien landscape that is Egypt's White Desert.
Restlessness forces Elizabeth Zito to climb the literal and proverbial mountain.
Matador Goods Editor, MatadorU faculty, and travel photographer, Lola Akinmade shares...