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Ask anyone who's killed the last six hours of a Friday at the office searching for flights, and you'll know that vacation planning has surpassed any sport as America's national pastime. And while scouring the internet for cheap airfares is always useful, there's a lot more that goes into planning a truly epic trip. Like knowing where, exactly, you might find intriguing. Or what hotels, attractions, beaches, and off-the-radar ski destinations won't be mobbed with tourists.

We've compiled what we humbly consider to be the most comprehensive trip-planning reference on the internet in the pages below. These include our biggest stories of the year: the 25 places you need to travel to in 2020, and the 25 most spectacular hotels around the world. They also include mini-guides on everything from unique cruises to fitness challenges to the best destinations for LGBTQ travelers. You’ll also find some mantras we’re taking with us no matter where we go in 2020, like why we won’t be describing any solo female destination as “safe,” and why we firmly believe travel is integral for the planet’s survivalSo whether you're looking for a solo adventure, a luxury splurge, a spa getaway, or a campout under the stars, we've got a guide that can help you along the way.

Read on and get to planning your 2020. We have a pretty good feeling it will be your most memorable year yet. 

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