Mountains near Cusco. Photo: lebce

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Peru has varied landscapes: the Andes mountains, rainforest, and the plains and valleys near the coast. And Machu Picchu, the famous 15th century Incan ruins, is just one of the ancient ruins to be explored in Peru.

Below, you can find Matador’s articles on aspects of life and travel in Peru like the best time to visit, volunteering, the day in the life of an expat, tube hunting in Lobitos, Peruvian drinks guides, and how to learn indigenous languages.

Peru Articles

9 ways to outdo the guidebooks in Peru

by Marie Cleland

Discover your own Machu Picchu: Choquequirao, Peru

by Hal Amen

On the trail of ancient civilizations in Northern Peru

by Jessie Kwak

8 reasons Why Lima is More Than a Layover

by Alix Farr

The 22 craziest party hostels around the world

by Matt Kepnes

7 ways to get off the beaten path in Peru

by Joe Batruny

40 images of Peru we can’t stop looking at

by Hal Amen

Mountain biking Peru: 3 rides in and around Cuzco

by Philip Dixon

Your top 20 bucket list trips

by Joshywashington

13 hardest partying hostels in South America

by Josh Heller

The inexperienced hiker’s guide to the Inca Trail

by Leora Novick

Border crossing guide: Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil

by Filipa Chatillon

Scenes from the real Peru

by Valerie Sauers

15 monastery stays around the world

by Kristin Conard

How to get started sandboarding

by Harriet Potter

We lived for a month on the border of uncontacted communites in the Peruvian Amazon. Here’s what we saw.

by Lina Collado

This man from a previously uncontacted tribe in Peru explains the trauma of being discovered

by Amanda Machado

Some drug cartels now make more money from gold than cocaine

by Carolyn Beeler
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