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If you think of Germany the first place that pops into your head is probably Berlin, capital city and home to all things creative and cool. The city has a kicking nightlife to suit all tastes, a ton of museums and galleries – such as the Museum Island UNESCO World Heritage Site – and loads of public art, all combined with a tolerant, easy-going vibe.

Cologne, with its historic cathedral (also a UNESCO site) and Kolsch brewery taverns, is another wicked city; the port of Hamburg’s city center is situated on the shore of Lake Alster; and Munich is jumping off point for the alps, and home to the Oktoberfest beer festival.

Germany is also famous for its spa towns such as Baden-Baden, with its hot mineral springs, and is home to numerous national parks, with the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest National Parks together forming the largest unbroken area of protected woodland in Central Europe.

Matador has loads of articles on Germany. Check out our articles below for the low-down on festivals like the Oktoberfest and the Extreme Unicycling Championship, how to hike the Zugspitze peak, which castles you can spend the night in, and how to make the most of your nights on the town.

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