The Matador guide to cannabis

From California to South Africa and Amsterdam to Jamaica, know before you go.


Not all that long ago, consuming cannabis while traveling was considered risky. The plant was largely illegal around the world, and getting your hands on cannabis required knowing an in-the-know local. Today, from California to South Africa and Amsterdam to Jamaica, the experience is much different. Depending on where you are, incorporating cannabis into your travel itinerary is no harder than squeezing in a stop at a brewery.

It’s now possible to hop on a bus to Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame, joint in hand. You can legally smoke a spliff on a deck overlooking the beach in Jamaica (yes, ganja was highly illegal on the island until 2015). You can join a cannabis club in Barcelona, or select a strain of Kosher cannabis. And in an increasing number of places in the United States, you can walk into a recreational dispensary and get a taste of locally grown cannabis unique to the region.

Exploring a region through its legal cannabis can be eye-opening whether you’re an experienced consumer or don’t know your indica from your sativa. Cannabis is now a part of how people travel, and we’re here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape.

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