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Standing on the rocky Canadian shoreline with fog snaking into the valleys and trees leaning away from the wind, it’s easy to be wrapped up in the beauty of the moment.

What’s often difficult is imagining the grand scale of Canada, whether it’s the diversity of its landscapes (rocky fjords, high mountain peaks, vast prairie, thick forests, and arctic tundra are just a few of the highlights) or the cultural plurality of its urban centers. If you’re looking for extreme solitude or to push your limits, Canada offers both.

Matador highlights the Yukon Arctic Ultra race as well as featuring some of the best places in Canada for hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Want to get out an explore? There are guides on road and train trips that can get you out, into the middle of all of that vastness. Then, come in from the outdoors with features on getting the most out of visiting Canada’s multi-cultural cities.

Quebec has some of the best backcountry slopes in eastern North America.
After some safety warnings, Spencer and I acquired our very own dog sled team.
Check below for a sneak peek of winter in Quebec City.
Some known, and some not-so-known, things to do in Parksville, BC.
This is not a schmear campaign against the other cities famed for their boiled bread.
I felt a certain connection to this funny-looking deity.
Everything from Canuck craft beer to aphrodisiac cocktails.
Everything was fried separately before assembly; be prepared to feel incapacitated.
Getting late-night poutine is a bit of a tradition in Montreal.
While we can’t all ski like Drew Tabke in Revelstoke, the resort is primed for pushing...
Biking PEI is easy (no hills) and safe (bike paths everywhere).
Meet Team Wapusk - Churchill's dog sled leaders.
The first time I strapped on a snowboard was in 1989.
It was like a five-star version of every Sunday dinner I’ve ever had.
The remainders of a wilder existence are always right under the surface.
A Newfoundland instrument made from a mop handle, bottle caps, nails...whatever makes...
We spied a bear, far, far afield. Here, take my binoculars.
Head over to The Unicorn Pub (hopefully with a new pair of snakeskin boots on).
When I take someone out on a date, I wine and dine them good.
I was all by myself. Freezing my ass off on a lake in Yellowknife, Canada.
“I am from the land of enormous objects and big-ass highways."
Here are 5 bars where I found locals drinking.
The small number of producers makes it easy to sample the region’s wines.
We make an ideal hitchhiking team. I’m short and wear a skirt. Nic is built like a...
After a week following a scripted itinerary, I just wanted to be alone.